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Life @ Frobels



We create atmosphere to bring up all round personality development through structured sports and games such as Basket Ball, Volly Ball, Cricket, Badminton, Kabbadi, Kho Kho etc.


Well equipped rooms with AC Dormontories under best supervision by the Management.Providing Healthy nutrious diet to the children in a superb dinning Hall.The best Infra Structure suitably planned to accomodate learning and an International cirriculam.


Computer labs with internet constantly updated with the latest softwares. We have more than 200 computers with fast Internet faciity available. Fully equipped Science lab and English communication lab etc.


Our School having Bus trasport fecility from various areas. We are covering urban and rural areas with 20 KMs radius. We have 8 deluxe buses with fully conditioned and very experinced divers.

Dining Hall

We have very big dining hall with well furnished kitchen. this ambience is very clean and wide. This dining hall having 300 seating. We provding Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks and Dinner.

Activity Rooms

We conduct saturday as Activity day with extra cirricular activites such as Conversation English, Karate, Dance, Drawing, Election, Painting and Singing etc.